Small business loans

Pre-shipment finance refers to the credit extended to borrowers prior to the delivery of goods or services for the execution of an order or contract. It is any loan granted to a borrower for financing the purchase, processing, manufacturing, packing or transporting of goods. Pre-shipment finance is of particular importance to small businesses who may have secured lucrative orders or contracts from reputable off-takers but may not possess sufficient financial resources to meet the expenditure involved in the production of goods for delivery.

Post Shipment Finance is a bridging loan provided by the Bank to a borrower against delivery of goods or services that has already been made to a reputable off taker pending payment. The facility is granted on the understanding that proceeds from the offtaker shall be used to settle the obligation. There should be written confirmation from the offtaker that all payments for goods or services delivered shall be made through the Borrower’s GetBucks account.

We pride ourselves for having a swift turnaround on credit application processing. We believe in the time value of money and as such we ensure that we fast track our loan processing for the convenience of our valued customers. Provided our on-line application has been properly completed and all the requested documentation provided and all the Agreement conditions have been met, then a decision and disbursement can normally occur approximately within 5 working days.

We obviously want to give you the best rate possible at all times. We use a risk based pricing model, which assesses the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the business and the transaction to determine the applicable interest rate. The general rule of the higher the risk – the higher the price applies. This is normally determined by a combination of the following factors i.e.

  • Your personal and business credit record.
  • The viability risk profile of the business.
  • Your personal track record and experience.
  • The affordability assessment risk of the business.
  • Have you had previous loans with us and how have you conducted your account.

The type of collateral pledged as detailed below determines the value of the collateral that you pledge for a loan:

Types of Security / Collateral Offered / Available

  • Bonds on Immovable property:
  • Pledge of fixed deposits:
  • Cession of debtors’ book:
  • Pledge of listed shares:
  • Recommended Security Value Calculation %

    approximately 130% of the value as security depending on the condition and location of the property. 100% of proven value. Approximately 100% of the value depending on the quality of the book and type of product. Approximately 200% of the value depending on the type of shares pledged.


  • SME Pre-Shipment Finance
  • SME Post Shipment Finance
  • Vehicle and Asset Finance
  • SME Merchant Business Cash Advance
  • Maximum Tenor

  • Up to 12 months
  • Up to 12 months
  • Up to 36 months (Pre-owned assets)
  • Up to 60 months (Brand new assets)
  • Up to 12 months