New customers

GetBucks is an online lender and therefore you are required to register an account via our website (, complete all necessary steps and website will determine how much bucks is available. We require a 3 months bank statement to be uploaded on the website or to complete the online verification tool.

The following requirements are important when applying for a new loan.

  • Latest pay slip
  • Proof of employment
  • 1 passport size photo

You can access your profile on the website ( determine the status of your account.

We offer a payment method of EFT and E-wallet.

Once you receive an approval SMS, bucks will be available in your bank account within 24 hours.

At GetBucks we believe in trust and transparency. When you become a GetBucks customer your trust level determines the amount and term you qualify for. Over time you will qualify for more bucks and over a longer term.

All information between you and the GetBucks website is encrypted and secure.

We have made it simple to contact the right department first time:

Existing customers

You can access your profile on the website ( and dashboard will determine your available bucks.

Settlement quotations can be obtained via our website ( when you logon to your loan profile or. Settlement payment can be done via EFT (banking details below) or settlement debit order can be loaded on your profile. Alternatively, you may contact our Customer Service Division for any assistance in this regard.

Our banking details:

GetBucks Zimbabwe
Ecobank Borrowdale
Account no. 0011037601351001

Repayments will be made monthly via direct debit order, on the specified date, being the date on which the Borrower receives his/her remuneration.
Alternatively we deduct repayments directly from source for government employees and approved employers.

In the event of default by the Borrower, the full balance due under this agreement together with any penalty interest and all other charges and expenses owing to the Lender by the Borrower shall become immediately due and payable to the Lender, and without giving any notice to the Borrower or affecting any of the Lender’s rights under this agreement;

In addition – your profile on the website will be suspended and this information will have a negative impact on your credit bureau profile. At GetBucks, we always strive to assist our clients by means of arrangement. You can contact on the required contact number for any assistance.

Balance enquiries can be obtained via our website when you logon to your loan profile. Alternatively, you can also contact our Customer Service Division for any assistance in this regard.

Profile can be suspended due to the following reason.

  • Arrears on your existing account/s.
  • Disputed transactions as per your bank statement
  • If you have applied for Debt Review / Sequestration / Administration
  • Voluntary request from the client

Click resend, if you still don’t receive an OTP, please contact the GetBucks Contact Centre on 08677000393 and ask for an OTP to be generated for you.

Proof of payment can be sent through to ( Please remember to include your ID number and “Proof Of Payment” in the subject line